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Markus Prause


Pianist, Professor, Composer
“Music is the language of the soul and the piano is its medium”

Through his teaching and concertizing, Viennese pianist Markus Prause places a special emphasis on a creative approach to music. In every performance, he seeks to recreate and bring to life the artistry and beauty of the great works. Apart from the great Viennese tradition -Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert- the works of J.S. Bach and F. Chopin play a central role in the musical life of the pianist. Their display of polyphony on the one hand and refined sound on the other form the cornerstones of superb piano playing, through which the music of every composer can be experienced.

During the training period, teachers will reveal their individual approach to music. According to his various teachers Markus Prause’s playing reflects authentic Viennese musical tradition but as well influences from other musical aesthetics, which’s appreciation is demonstrated in his playing the works of French, Polish and Russian composers. Globalization has brought nation musical traditions together, benefiting all those interested in music. This trend has transformed musical education in eastern Asian countries. These institutions have produced a new generation of musicians who are now amongst the leading interpreters of European classical music. Within this new world, Markus Prause sees himself as an ambassador, as it were, of European music, which has gained a foothold in Asia.  His interest in conveying European cultural values especially to Chinese students and musicians comes to him naturally.  He is fluent in Chinese and his marriage to a Chinese musician has enhanced his appreciation for cultural exchange. 

The essence of his message is: Music must be alive and never descend to a mechanical routine!

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