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With virtuous infallible technique, deeply felt sensitivity, bell-like touch, differentiated articulation and emphatic rhythm he conveyed a passionate and thrilling execution of this wide-ranging, highly emotional work of the great Polish composer.
(Buenos Aires, “Argentinisches Tagblatt”)


Passion, elegance, singing tone, all this was united to a perfect performance of Chopin. It was an impressive tribute to the poet Chopin!
(Nürnberg, “Nürnberger Nachrichten”)


When a pianist intends to play the eintire of Bach's Toccatas in one evening, this is a daring enterprise. If he - like the young Markus Prause - faces this aim with freshness and vehemence, it becomes an interesting, exciting experience!
(Vienna, “Volksstimme")


Polyphony is causing him absolutely no problems, the independence and freedom of his hands are amazing. With stoic peace and strength Markus Prause is playing his Bach.
(Vienna, “Wiener Zeitung")

The artist knew how to captivate the listener from the very first note with a multifaceted playing that made the piece a wonderful sound experience to listen to. This fascination the pianist conveyd as well in playing the Chopin Sonata in B minor, Op 58. The sound experience for the audience was further increased when Markus Prause together with his wife, Chin-Lin Chen, performed a concerto of Ravel at two pianos. The absolute highlight of the concert was the fantasy "Tableaux" Opus 5 for two pianos by S. Rachmaninoff, where the couple captivated the audience by means of technical perfection and powerful musical creation.
 (NÖ Nachrichten)

The about 80 visitors felt enthusiastic about the offered program, which consisted of a mixture of classical and contemporary music. "An absolute highlight" was the unanimous opinion of the audience.
They were particularly impressed by the excellent performance of the pianist Markus Prause . He had won numerous awards and was a finalist in an International Piano Competition in Italy. In many performances he couldalready give proof of his talent.
 (Kleine Zeitung Kärnten)

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